If you are an english speaking webmaster trying to create an account on Baidu, but can’t create – you will find this page helpful. What is Baidu? It is the largest chinese search engine. This search engine allows webmaster to submit their website for crawl bots.

The Baidu Webmaster Login Page
The Baidu Webmaster Login Page

First, note that Baidu has strange links and you will find it useful to use use these links provided (Especially when creating an account).

Then fire up google chrome and load  https://developer.baidu.com/.  Next you will want to left click on any text, and select the  google translate will appear. This will translate most of the website into english, minus the images.

After Google translate runs, some html code will not function correctly so you will need to carefully hover above the text until you open the right page to create a new account. Do note, this page and link are special, because they will load the “version 2” login page. 

click on the button for the safety verification

However you may run into some issues with the button above. This login page will now allow you to enter your cell phone number (with country code). The button next to the verification input will popup a verification box. You’ll have to prove your human… After you press the determine, you will receive a text message and you will have to press this confusing button once more to confirm your phone number.  

Last you will want to load this website https://ziyuan.baidu.com/site/index. This is where the ‘add a website’ button appears. 

I hope someone found this helpful.